Survey of Calculus II.
  University of Florida, Summer C 2014.


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Quizzes and solutions.

Diagnostic Quiz (solutions)
Quiz 1 (solutions)
Quiz 2 (solutions)
Quiz 3 (solutions)
Quiz 4 (solutions)
Quiz 5 (solutions)

Exam Reviews.

Exam 1: review | hints | numerical solutions
Exam 2: review | hints | numerical solutions

Exams and Solutions.

Midterm 1 (solutions)
Midterm 2 (solutions)
Final Exam

Optional Homeworks.

Optional Homework 1
Optional Homework 2
Optional Homework 3
Optional Homework 4:
Lecture Notes: Logistic Growth in a Variable Population
Lecture Notes: Concentration Problems
Logistic Growth Demonstration: pdf | cdf (Wolfram's cdf format webpage)

Supplemental Reading and Links to Real World Applications.