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Virtual Manipulatives (Flash Applets)

This is a series of Flash Applets created in SWiSHmax. Flash player required for viewiing. This document provides a summary of the common design elements and features of the applet.

1-Step Addition / Subtraction Equation Balance - The first in a series of equation balance applets used to model solving equations (more complex equations will be added soon).


Bus Grapher Game - A game in which you control a bus by drawing the distance vs. time graph to define its movement.

Exploring Similar Figures - Learn about similar figures and scale factors with a variety of interactive shapes. Link to study guide.
Modeling Distance, Rate, and Time Problems - An applet for modeling the distance, rate, and time of two cars traveling in the same direction or different directions. Link to study guide.
Interactive Box and Whiskers Plot - An interactive box and whiskers plot for analysing data and comparing values of mean and median. Link to study guide.
Interactive Numberline - An interactive numberline for practicing addition and subtraction of integers. Link to study guide.
Slope-Intercept Graphing Tool - An applet for graphing linear equations in slope intercept form. Includes dynamic graph, table and equation.
Points and the Coordinate Plane - A self-contained review applet providing instruction, followed by unlimited practice on points and the coordinate plane. Link to study guide.

Graphing Linear Equations:

Method 1 | Method 2 | Method 3 - A series of applets containing instruction and then practice with graphing linear equation by finding 3 points on the line, finding the intercepts, and using the slope and intercept. Link to online lesson using these applets.

Graphing Linear Equations Practice - A single applet with the practice section from each of the methods mentioned above.
Graphing Linear Equations Examples - A single applet with the "guided examples" section from each of the methods mentioned above.
Finding Slope Examples - An animation applet containing 6 examples of finding the slope of a line. Not really a virtual manipulative.

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets

Note that you must allow macros to run in order for these spreadsheets to work correctly.

Linear Equations - Interactive graphs of linear equations in slope-intercept and standard form. Also, two line comparison and interactive questions.

Quadratic Equations - Interactive graphs of quadratic equations in various forms.

Surface Area - Adjust the dimensions of a rectangular prism to learn about surface area and voume.



Non-Euclidean Geometry - This is a presentation for introducing high school Geometry students to the concepts of non-Euclidean Geometry. It features the animation and graphics capabilities of PowerPoint.

Factoring Flowchart - This is an example of a stand-alone single viewer PowerPoint presentation that is an interactive flowchart for factoring polynomials.

Jeopardy Review - This is a smaple Jeopardy review game that features the linking and drawing capabilities of PowerPoint. There are a lot of Jeopardy templates out there, if you like mine you can get a blank copy here.


Complete Online Lessons

1-Step Addition Equations - This lesson combines video, interactive flash applets, and self-assessments to introduce the balance model for understanding equations while learning to solve simple 1-step addition equations.

Graphing Linear Equations - This is an interactive online lesson for learning about how to graph linear equations. It utilizes the graphing applets listed above.

Race the Rapper - This is an online activity for learning about slope and its applications. It utilizes the graphing tool and slope examples applets listed above


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Course Webpage for the class I teach at P.K. Yonge - This is the course web page for the Algebra IA class that I currently teach.

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Interactive Math Blog - This is a blog where I post information about interactive math resources on the internet


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