Graphing Linear Equations
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Welcome to "Graphing Linear Equations"

Instructions: You can progress through the lesson by clicking on a method number above and going through the Flash lesson for each method. It does not matter what order you complete the methods in, but you should do all three and then go to the "Assignment" section.

You should download and print a copy of the lesson study guide to follow along with and fill in as you work through the lesson.

Objective: After completing this Lesson you will be able to graph linear equations using any of the three methods: plotting points, finding intercepts, or finding slope and y-intercept.

Prior Knowledge: Before taking this lesson you should be comfortable plotting points on a coordinate plane, and you should be familiar with the concepts of slope and intercept. See the Prior Knowledge section of the help page if you are not comfortable with these topics.

Help: The "Help" Link above will take you to page full of extra resources and help for this lesson.

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