Virtual Manipulatives on the Web

Formal Collections being developed by research or non-profit organizations:

  • NLVM - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. 100+ virtual manipulatives complete with lesson plans and the ability to create virtual classrooms. Searchable by topic or grade level (K-12)
  • Illuminations - From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Contains some virtual manipulatives in the "Activity" section. Also see the NCTM OnMath online publication for more.
  • WisWeb - From the Freudenthal Institute for Secondary Education
  • Mathlets- From the Journal of Online Math and its Applications. Mostly undergraduate topics, but some could be used for higher secondary levels as well.
  • Project Interactivate - Shodor Education Foundation. Include lessons, tools, and "discussions".
  • ESCOT - Educational Software Components of Tomorrow. Middle School Math problem of the weeks for the math forum.

Pay Site:

  • ExploreLearning - Pay site, but you can test each applet for 5 minutes for free or get a 30-day free trial. Excellent VMs for math and science.

More Virtual Manipulatives:



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