1: Training
2: Practice Run
3: The Race
4: Review

Estimated Pace for this section: 1 hour

Required Equipment: Training Manual (Click to download Word Document)

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After completing this section you will be able to define slope, and find the slope of a line given it's graph or given two points on the line. You will also be able to identify the slopes of horizontal and vertical lines.

Training Part 1: Warming Up

Every good runner starts their training by warming up. They remind their muscles how to move and they stretch them so they are ready to be pushed. In your warmup you will explore linear equations and slope to remember what you have learned about them and prepare to learn more.

Spend some time experimenting with the linear equation graph below. When you are ready, answer the questions below in your training manual.

Questions to answer in your training manual:

1) What does the line look like when the slope is positive?

2) What does the line look like when the slope is negative?

3) What does the line like when the slope is zero?

4) What does the line look like when the slope is undefined?

5) Based on your findings, write a definition of slope in your own words. Don't worry if your not sure, we will check and revise your definition later on.

Feel free to continue playing with the graphing tool, and move on to the next page of this section when you are ready.

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