1: Training
2: Practice Run
3: The Race
4: Review

Estimated Pace for this section: 1 hour

Required Equipment: Training Manual (Click to download Word Document)

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Training Part 3

The equation to find slope comes from the "rise over run" definition. You may have noticed that the rise is just the difference between y-values of the points and that the run is the difference between the x-values. If the two points on the line are (x1, y1) and (x2, y2), then the equation of slope is:

Here's an example of using this equation with 2 points to find the slope of a line:

Use the applet below to practice finding the slope between 2 points. You will need to record some examples in your training manual and can include your work there. This will go on forever, so use it until you feel comfortable and then move on. Be careful with your negatives!

Don't worry, you're almost done. Go to page 4 to see the final two tasks you need to compelte to be done with training.

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