1: Training
2: Practice Run
3: The Race
4: Review


Planning Documents:


This mini-unit was created by David Young, math teacher and graduate student at Florida Virtual School and the University of Florida, respectiely. Please feel free to implement this unit and share your experiences with me. All content ©2006 David Young, please obtain permission for uses not provided for within"fair use". In addition, please email me with any comments or suggestions.


This mini-unit was created as a project for EME 5207, Designing Technology Rich Curricula at the University of Florida. This unit was designed with my Liberal Arts Math students as the audience. This is a review course, so these students have some prior experience with all topics covered in the course although they are not fluent with them. I suggest that this unit is appropriate for any student learning slope for the first time or as a review. This unit does not require the use of any knowledge of writing or graphing linear equations, although such experience could prove helpful.


The following technologies are utilized in this lesson. The only one that is not freely available via the internet is microsoft Word, however, the lesson could be adapted for use with Writely, in which case this would require nothing but internet access.

  • Web Pages - Displaying content
  • Word Processor - MS Word, for completing notes, homework etc.
  • Flash Applets- For graphing and practive tools
  • Graphing tool - Create-A-Graph, could alternatively use MS Excel
  • Email - For student-teacher communication and submission of assignments
  • Discussion forums - For student-student communication
All content © 2006, David Young