1: Training
2: Practice Run
3: The Race
4: Review

Estimated Pace for this section: 1 hour

Required Equipment: Training Manual (Click to download Word Document)

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Training Part 4:

That was quite a work out! You are well on your way to building the endurance you need to complete a marathon. You will be done with the training section as soon as you complete the following two tasks:

1) The material you were presented with is only one example of how it can be taught. There are plenty of other resources on the internet for learning about slope, including other web pages and interactive applets. Search the internet (try google) to find a web page that you think is a good resource for learning slopes. Try to find a page that has something different to offer than this page.

Once you have selected your online resource go to the "Slope Resources" section of the class discussion forums. Add a post that includes (1) A link to your resource, (2) The reason you chose that site, and (3) A comment about a resource that one of your classmates has posted. Your post will be graded out of 5 points. View discussion rubric.

2) Email your completed training manual word document to your teacher as an attachement. Be sure to include your name on the document.

In addition to excersize, runners in training need good rest. Go take a break and come back later to complete section 2, the practice run.

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