AOF's Course Descriptions

Financial and Business Technology - Grade 9 or 10

In the Financial and Business Technology course, students will learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Heavy emphasis is placed on financial applications by using business software packages. Students will also learn the basics of budgeting, steps on buying a car, complete a stock market project, and discuss the proper ways to use credit. Business Computing is important in any field of work, and is especially becoming essential in today's job market.
Course #88151500.

Financial Operations Honors - Grade 10 or 11

In the Financial Operations Honors course, students will learn the basics of business and personal law, including contracts and legal issues.The financial aspect of this course presents topics in macro and microeconomics, and the principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States. Additional emphasis is placed on money, credit and banking, economic growth and stability, taxation, budgeting, loan management relations and international trade. The students become familiar with the major functions of banks and other financial intermediaries, central banking by the Federal Reserve System and modern trends in the banking industry. The students are introduced to credit functions, principles of credit risk evaluation, loan creation, debt collection, and stocks and bonds.
Course #88151100.

Accounting Applications I - Grade 11

In the Accounting Applications course, focus is on the accounting cycle for both business and manufacturing industries through trial balance and adjusting entries. Students learn how to use special journals, ledgers, and control accounts. In addition, they prepare financial statements for single proprietors, partnerships and corporations. An emphasis is placed on the analysis and interpretation of financial reports.
Course #82033100.

Financial Internship Honors - Grade 11

The paid internship is perhaps the most memorable and critical component in the NAF Academy experience for high school students. It is also one of the most rewarding, as it is the opportunity for students to apply, in a real world setting, what they have learned in their Academy classes in the preceding years. To read all about the benefits of the WHS Financial Internship class and to view our Internship Packet, please CLICK HERE.
Course #88151300.

Personal Financial Planning Honors - Grade 12

This course develops an awareness of the need for care and organization in planning for the wise use of economic resources through a study of savings, credit, insurance, banking and financial goals. The student is provided with the concepts needed to understand commercial consumer credit functions and basic operations. Students will learn how to create a business plan, read and analyze financial statements, and manage payroll and inventory. Students also learn how to prepare a financial plan that includes saving, investing, borrowing, risk management (insurance), and retirement and estate planning.
Course #88151200.

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