What is Choices?

Choices is an educational and career planning program that is designed to help students build meaningful plans for their future. It uses career assessments and a comprehensive database of occupations and college programs information. This software will analyze a student’s likes and dislikes and then compile a list of suggested majors and careers that he or she may want to look into.

Choices uses several databases to display a description of a particular career, along with the average income, number of hours worked each week, and the amount of people in a particular state employed in that industry. Choices also includes a variety of information about the majority of colleges in the country. Western AOF highly recommends this software to our students.

 Western AOF Choices Video

Click play to watch a video on how to download and install the software.

Click play below to watch a tutorial on the Choices software. It includes how to start using the program, how to use the Interest Profiler, and looks at a few of the databases to research valuable information.