Academy of Finance Information

What is the National Academy Foundation?

Through its national network of career academies, the National Academy Foundation helps young people achieve personal and professional success - in high school, in higher education, and throughout their careers. In addition to the Academy of Finance, NAF operates Academies in the fields of Information Technology and Travel & Tourism.

The National Academy Foundation serves as a key intermediary, with 20-plus years' experience bringing the worlds of business and education together. NAF's long history of success has focused the attention of business leaders and public policy markers - resulting in broad support for a model that is cost-effective, replicable, and proven to address the concurrent needs of business and education.

What is the Academy of Finance?

The Academy of Finance is a high school program that prepares students for careers in the financial service industry through coursework and work experience. The program is designed to motivate students to complete a finance-oriented high school curriculum and to pursue higher education. Emphasis is placed upon a college preparatory curriculum that is directly linked to the financial world.

Why should I sign my child up for the Academy of Finance and what will he/she get out of the program?

Have you tried to enlighten your child about the responsibilities adults have only for your child to show no interest? Maybe you tried to discuss the following topics:

          - How to budget
          - How to choose the best credit card
          - How to buy a car
          - How to fill out a loan/rent application
          - How to balance a checkbook

At Western High School, The Academy of Finance (AOF) will help your child accomplish these skills along with how to record and organize business records and how to successfully operate a small business.

AOF is a three-year program, which begins sophomore year by taking Financial Computing. Students learn personal financing. Junior year students take Financial Operations Honors and Financial Accounting and learn how to record and maintain the financial records of a business. In the summer of their junior year, students will take part in a paid-internship, which is an honors class. Students will have the opportunity to work with business leaders in the area. Senior year students take Financial Planning Honors. Students learn how to operate a small business.

If you feel that your child needs to learn this valuable information, which is taught by group discussions and hands-on projects, then join the Academy of Finance. You can email for more information on how to register your child for this program next year.

NOTE: Students are eligible for the Gold Seal Scholarship (pays 75% of Florida college tuition) and AOF scholarships by completing the three-year program.