Production day 1, "Silence."

The first day of shooting was completed yesterday. Due to an issue with the dry ice supplier, I was only able to shoot about 40% of the scenes, which wasn't a huge issue since the rest of the film hasn't come in yet. The next (and hopefully final) shooting day will be in two weeks. Everything went fairly smoothly, considering this was my first time using the non-reflex Bolex. Loading was not too bad, and I only forgot to rotate the correct lens into position once. Keeping it wound became second nature after a while. Here are two pictures from the set.


Shooting countdown

I've been incredibly busy with school over the past several weeks, but pre-production has been inching along. Here's a terrible-quality set photo that I shot as a test to see what it would look like in B&W. The script is being tightened up and should be finished within a few days - good, as I hope to start shooting next weekend, or the weekend after that at the latest. More later.