'Collected Works' DVD now available for purchase.

After almost two months of on-and-off work, my DVD is finished. This includes five short films (all four of my film-originated projects from 2005 and the first from 2006) as well as special features including full director commentaries for each film, complete screenplays for four of them, and additional extras. I haven't presented my films online to this point because I really feel that the extra picture quality provided by DVD over streaming or web content enhances the experience.

I have no interest in making a huge amount of money from selling this DVD, and any profits will be entirely re-invested in my current 16mm film, Seizon, or future projects.

Support true independent filmmaking with your purchase.

Some information on each film:

Taco - 2m 27s
An exploration of exploitation and consumerism through the contrasting textures of Super 8 film and digital video. Featuring Hide Kubota and Sebastian Quadrat.

Survival Record - 10m 13s
(Cannes and Sundance submission 2006)

Following a nuclear disaster, a journalist struggles to retain his humanity in a changed world. Featuring Jaylen McGrew.

Silence - 7m 34s
(Cannes submission 2006)

Space and time fuse and twist in the story of an astronaut's test flight ending in disaster - or salvation. With Jaylen McGrew.

Epitaph - 7m 33s

Crash-landing on an uninhabited planet, a mortally wounded astronaut examines his life in its final hours. With Evan Kubota.

The Discarded Body - 10m 33s
(Cannes submission 2006)

A desperate scientist injects himself with an unknown substance and suffers the manifestation of an unstoppable parasitic growth. Featuring Hide Kubota.

Once again, the Collected Works DVD:

- five short films
- total running time nearly 40 minutes
- all films shot partially or fully on Super 8, 16mm, or DV
- mastered from original telecined footage
- director's commentaries for each film, and screenplays for four
- even more...

The price is $10 USD plus $2.50 postage in the continental US. International orders are welcome, but postage will be higher.

E-mail me if you're interested in ordering.

I've attached a JPEG of the original cover art, based on a Super 8 frame grab from Epitaph.


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