Survival Record screening, set progress.

'Survival Record' is screening with 'Taco' at the Reitz cinema this Tuesday at 8 PM. If you're in the area, check it out.

The set for my next project is progressing. I'm finishing the side walls, then I'll work on the front window assembly, which will be hinged so I can move it out of the way for rear-facing shots. It will probably be another 2-3 weeks before the set is finished. I hope to shoot in late October.


Delays and a new project.

Been a while since the last post. I'm very busy with school, but I've written a treatment for my next project, a hard SF short film set in space. Again, no dialogue - at some point in the future I need to take the plunge and start including it, but I'm enjoying exploring the aesthetic limits of film without words. This will either be shot on 16mm, Super 8, or a combination in black and white. Estimated running time of 5 to 7 minutes. In terms of effects, this will be my most ambitious project to date. Nearly half the shots contain some sort of effect, and almost all the action unfolds inside a cramped, outdated spacecraft. The interior set is under construction and occupying most of my living room - I can only work on it on weekends, but it should be finished in less than a month. Pictures to come.