day 5

Shot at Little Talbot Island north of Jacksonville. I think it went well. Some good effects shots and wide, panoramic views. I wasn't able to record sound so it'll have to be added later. Here are a few stills (not of the actual beach area).


Shooting continues (day 4)

Fourth day of shooting - just a single scene. Tanimura returns to the battlefield after hiding in the forest and witnesses several corpses left behind in the Americans' wake. He picks up a field phone and tries to reach any remaining units.

Somehow the 3/8"-1/4" tripod adapter for the Kinor fell out when I was transporting the equipment. I had to shoot from the shoulder. Sync sound was recorded, and I'm about to check for motor noise. I also did several takes without the camera running to build a Foley track around.

Here are a few stills (not angles I actually captured on film).


Stills from the first shooting day. Everything was shot handheld using my Kinor with a 6mm lens and Plus-X negative.