DVD coming soon

The DVD of my most recent work is going to be available soon. I'm in the middle of recording commentaries and creating other special features. Here's some info, subject to change:

5 films
Survival Record
The Discarded Body

Total running time ~ 40 mins.

director's commentary for each films
shooting scripts for most films
production images where available
and more.

It will probably cost $10 USD plus shipping (about $2 in the US). I'm not looking to get rich off this, and all profits will be reinvested in Seizon, my summer film, and future projects.

The first footage for Seizon should be back within a few days. Expect frame grabs by the middle of next week.

Also, if anyone is going to be in town the weekend after this one and wants to act in the film, I have three roles for male extras (no dialogue, no experience required). The shoot shouldn't take more than 90 minutes or so.


Camera test/first day

I started shooting this morning. More later.

'Seizon' preproduction mockup

A quick mockup from a costume test today:


The site is still alive

"Survival Record" is showing at around 1 PM at Cinerama 2006 in the Reitz cinema in Gainesville. Show your support.. whatever that might consist of.

The script for my WWII project is nearly finished. More later.