Tanimura returns.

(the protagonist of Seizon is named Tanimura)

Yesterday I shot the sunset scene. Finding a location was difficult, as most west-facing beaches are crowded in the evening. Eventually I was able to use a location with some problems (buildings behind, scattered people, etc) and make it work.

For the first time, I was able to snap a few production stills with my new Pentax *ist DL SLR. I was in a rush to finish shooting so I forgot to switch into RAW mode. Also, I'm working on a laptop with questionable image characteristics, so I didn't perform any correction or alterations other than recompressing to decrease the file size.

The big variable here is the stock. I'm working on Vision2 250D, which I've never used before. I hope it provides enough latitude, and the colorist makes good choices - I want the sun to be strongly exposed but not blown out, with a silhouetting of the figure in the foreground if necessary.


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