New Year's Wrestlefest: Match 2 

Hope you all enjoyed the first matchup. Unfortunately, it had to be taken down, as UF limits me to only 20 megs of Web space. If you didn't get a chance to download it, drop me a line and I'll burn you a copy of the DVD.

Onto match number two, Mitch (Goldfarb) vs. Spikes (Dr. Qube):


This was a long matchup with some pretty big bumps taken by both Dr. Qube and Rudy Goldfarb. All of the pounding of this match left Goldfarb stiff for days afterward.


Goldfarb becomes the victim of some of Dr. Qube's more interesting submission holds. Usually not known for fighting, Goldfarb came out of the closet for this matchup, delivering the whole kielbasa for one night only.


Many thought the pain would be too much for Goldfarb, but it was obvious that he had greased up and done some stretching before the match, which explains his uncanny ability to take it all in. Goldfarb had certainly done his homework.


Hours later, it was time for the grand finale, the money shot, the motherlode, the climax, the pinnacle, the zenith, the culmination, the...


Well, you get the point.

That might be my take, but, as you'll hear, Troy (AKA "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes) bills it as the Jew who killed Jesus Christ, Goldfarb, vs. Dr. Qube, a Catholic. View the matchup how you will, it's fucking Howdie Doodie vs. a damn doctor wearing a ski mask for Christ's sake.

Got your interest yet? Didn't think so. But it's a good matchup with plenty of big bumps and submission holds. This one clocks in at close to 14 minutes and is still under 12 megs, so the quality is a bit lower, but it's still worth you wasting UF's valuable bandwidth. So leech away, suckers!


As a special bonus, keep your ears open for a special phonecall received from the one and only Sacman during the matchup.

And stay tuned for match 3, with Sir Tony Cooper as Bobby Teenager, creator of the Saliva Fanclub, vs. yours truly, as my alter-ego, known only as "Beerboxhead."
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