Lex Luger Returns! 

shit happensWow, it has been way too long since I've updated. Been too busy with a whole mess full of stuff, but I finally have found the time and have also been in good enough spirits to provide you with this quality update... or not. Let me know if you like it.

The wrestling will take a minor hiatus. I'm sick of throwing together those images and cutting and coding the video files, so deal.

But as for the wrestling news, well that's gotta continue. And who better to talk about than Lex Luger?

That's right, our favorite mullet-wearing meathead, the master of the torture rack, good ol' Lex Luger. Haven't heard from him since he got coked up with Miss Elizabeth and was too fucked up to call the cops when she was dying. Class act, that Luger is.

My friends and I have often hilariously (and inappropriately) wondered how that series of events played out. Rather than horribly attempt to recreate it through text, which cannot provide the comedic context necessary for such inappropriateness, I will instead do a photo essay.

So now, for the obligatory disclaimer:


You've been warned.

panel 1

panel 2

panel 3

panel 4

panel 5

panel 7

And so, you may ask, what inspired the return of Luger at this point in time? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he's in the news again. I originally thought of creating the comic strip for this one, but I decided the text will suffice, since the story is so hilarious that it could only involve Lex Luger himself.

From prowrestling.com:

Lawrence Pfohl, wrestling's 'Lex Luger,' was arrested Monday morning on DUI and other related charges. Authorities made the arrest on 1-575, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A Cobb County officer found Pfohl stopped on the side of the interstate highway. The officer, upon investigating the car, discovered Pfohl slumped over his steering wheel.

The former pro wrestler eventually woke up and drove away and the officer called authorities for assistance. He was later taken into custody on charges that included DUI, driving on an expired tag, alteration of tag, no proof of insurance and having an open container.

Really, folks. Does it get better than that? Just picture good ol' Lawrence "Luger" Pfohl passed out at the wheel of his car. The cop goes back to his squad car to write up a ticket and maybe call for an ambulance, thinking the asshole is dead. Luger, in a drunken slumber, finally wakes up and takes a peek in the rear view mirror. Oh shit, cops!

And he peels outta there.

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