"Sierra Mist Challenge"


studsI was going to post all about this one on my own, but it seems that Dr. Jarae Sacman took it upon himself to comment on the event by creating his own blog, which you all should give him the pleasure of visiting.

In case you forgot, a year ago, the Sacman and Fray got themselves into a bit of a heated rivalry. The dispute was regarding which of them would do the dumbest things for the least amount of money. After a bit of back and forth, things hit the roof when the Sacman dressed in women's underwear and let me push him into a sick ass lake for less than five dollars in change. Luckily for most of us, things have been calm since that eventful day. Calm, that is, until a bit of shit-talking led to an evening that became known as the "Sierra Mist Challenge."

Things began when the Sacman (shown in the above photo in the green onesie) said he could drink a twelve-pack of Sierra Mist faster than Fraser (in the red onesie) could drink a twelve-pack of Natural Light. A challenge and two-dollar bet ensued and the rules were as follows (ripped from the Sacman's site):

1. There were four hours allotted for this competition of strength and perseverance (9 PM - 1 AM).

2. First person to finish the 12-pack was declared the temporary winner.

3. If you puke, you lose.

4. On top of finishing the 12-pack first, the person who drank the most, wins at life.

While number four is debatable, Fraser did finish his twelve pack in an hour and 45 minutes, only to end up as you see here:


Things did not fare much better for the Sacman, whose squeamishness got the best of him as he attempted to assist Fraser in his vomiting in order to collect his two dollars.

sacman vomit

That's right, Fraser, despite his valiant efforts, popped before 1am, thus leaving the Sacman two dollars richer. As you can expect, both gentlemen were in a world of hurt few mortals have had the displeasure of experiencing. But it's okay, because it was all in the name of friendly competition.

Perhaps the best comment of the night was said before any of the mayhem ensued. Staring at his son and Jarae holding their respective beverages of choice and dressed in onesies, Mr. Wright said to both of them, deadpan, "I hope you both know that you are idiots."

Truer words were never spoken.

For more pictures of the night's events, plus a couple of shots of me wearing a turban, click on over to the Sacman's site of hosted pictures. Enjoy.

And stay tuned, because later this week, I'll have plenty of pictures of the New Year's Eve Wrestlefest (and maybe some video to accompany it).
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