What would you do?
Case Studies in the Teaching of Art
The following ten case studies were collected in the Summer 1997 by posting a request on ArtsEdNet to art teachers for predicaments they have encountered in their classrooms. These case studies are intended for use in art methods classes to generate discussion among preservice art teachers about how they might handle certain situations that arise in the classroom.

These case studies may be freely copied for use in art education classes (as described above). The only thing I ask is that you include the following line and URL on any classroom handouts containing these case studies:

Downloaded from the World Wide Web at: http://grove.ufl.edu/~rolandc/case_studies/index.html.

I hope that this collection will continue to grow and foster discussion on the web. To this end, art teachers (both preservice and inservice) are encouraged to contribute to these case studies either by describing a new situation or by commenting on how they might handle any of the situations presented. I have included a link to my email address (click on contribute) on the bottom of each page for this purpose. If you do decide to contribute, please indicate in the subject line of your email message, which case study that you're responding to (e.g., case study #1) or that you're offering a new case study. I intend to post these responses at a later date.

Each case study includes a short description of a situation followed by an explanation of how the teacher in question handled the situation. A link back to this index page is also included at the bottom of each case study.

Special thanks to those art teachers who have already contributed to this resource. I welcome comments and suggestions.

Send comments, suggestions and contributions to: Craig Roland