Gainesville Cockatiel Rescue: Located in Gainesville Florida

Permanent Rescue Birds

These birds have a permanent home at the rescue and are NOT available for adoption or fostering.

Bird ages updated January 23, 2008-->Page updated August 29, 2008

Pepper and Za Zu

Sweet pair of bonded cockatiels.


Type of bird: cockatiels
Gender: Female and Male
Color: white face pearl, cinnamon (fallow?), and pied
Arrival Date: February 7, 2009
Age: Approximately 5 years old
Tame: Yes

Pepper is an unusual bird, probably a white face cinnamon pearl (fallow?). She is so bonded to Za Zu and they are rarely more than 2 inches apart and always preening each other. They are a fun pair to watch and since they get along with the 8 permanent cockatiels they will be staying here.


She is a sweet funny girl who is joining my flock permanently.


Type of bird: Goffin Cockatoo
Gender: Female (?)
Color: white
Arrival Date: July 19, 2008
Age: 4.5 years
Tame: Yes
Piper was well loved by her owner but she was very jealous and would scream whenever the husband and wife were in the same room. It was so bad that they would have to hide from Piper just to be able to talk. Piper's scream is very loud and it is an abrasive sound (she even makes the other birds jump/startle when she does it!). She still screams here but it is not constant and she does it less often as time passes. She seems to love the company of the other birds and LOVES to dance.


Batty arrived angry and very aggressive. He has since calmed down and bonded with me. Because of this, he will not be offered up for adoption.

Batty Black headed Caique

Type of bird: Black Headed Caique
Gender: ?
Color: green, blue, white, orange, yellow black
Arrival Date: January 27, 2007
Age: 6 years
Tame: Was tame originally, needs major work to be that way again
Additional Pictures: Batty Hanging upside down like a bat.
Batty was tame but was not getting enough attention from his family and has become very nippy (bites hard enough to cause bleeding). We are hoping with some attention he will come around. We will also be working to get him to eat some pellets and veggies.


I arrived with a broken leg but just look at me now!

Baby: Normal gray female cockatiel

Type of bird: Cockatiel
Gender: Female
Color: Normal Gray
Arrival Date: August 8, 2004
Age: 3 years
More Information Available? YES


My beautiful tail was cut off and I was kept in cage so small that I could not even turn around!

Andy: Normal gray, split for pied, split for pearl male cockatiel

Type of bird: Cockatiel
Gender: Male
Color: Pearl, split for pied
Arrival Date: June 26, 2004
Age: 4+
More Information Available? YES


I decided I did not like my owner anymore so she gave me to Jennifer. I am very happy bird now (I like Jennifer and try to land on her head frequently).

Calypso: White face pearl female cockatiel split for pied

Type of bird: Cockatiel
Gender: Female
Color: White face, cinnamon pearl
Arrival Date: ? 2000
Age: 7 years
More Information Available? YES


Years ago, I flew away from my home and no one claimed me.

Whiley: Cinnamon male cockatiel, split for pearl, split for pied

Type of bird: Cockatiel
Gender: Male
Color: Cinnamon (split for pearl & pied)
Arrival Date: Summer, 1997
Age: 10 years+
More Information Available? YES


I was a "breeder" bird. When I got too old, I was given to some children who kept me in a dirty aviary with algae growing in my water. I am afraid of men because my first owner had a bad temper and my only interaction with him was when he grabbed me. I'm not sure why he thought I was too old. I was only 3 years old!

Sarah: Normal pearl hen split for pied

Type of bird: Cockatiel
Gender: Female
Color: Pearl
Arrival Date: June 2004
Age: 6 years
More Information Available? YES