Dolly test

Today I finished a 16-wheel dolly for a little over $50 including 20 feet of track. This will be put to use for several shots in my current film. Here's a brief test shot on my GL2. Save the link and then play it from your hard drive.



Anonymous said...


Will you be offering online digital versions of any/all of your films at any point in the future? I'm really interested to see them all.

The dolly test looks like it went incredibly well and I can't believe you constructed the cart and track for under $60. Incredible.

The best of luck with this new year and what it shall bring you as far as film and your projects go.

-Josh Johnson

2:17 AM  
Evan Kubota said...

Hopefully - UF only provides 25MB of webspace, which as you probably know is only enough to host one thing at a time with marginal quality. I want to wait to post my work until I acquire another storage alternative. I may purchase webspace from another provider.

10:31 AM  
Johnnhud said...

Evan, 2 things, first of all, webspace can be purchased for little cost from www.tera-byte.com

2nd thing. Are you going to make your dolly plans availiable? I'd love to see how it works.

12:06 PM  

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