"Silence" wraps.

Last Sunday I finished shooting "Silence". On Saturday I did some outdoor pickup shots - Plus-X at 100ASA is considered to be a medium-speed stock, and I was shooting in late afternoon, but I was still surprised to get stops anywhere between f/8 and f/11. I hope it's not underexposed or extremely dark looking. The indoor shooting went very smoothly - most of the setups and angles were the same as last time, but I used a humidifier to generate vapor/mist/fog for the crash sequence. I'm not sure how strongly it will show up on film. The film (400' worth) was sent to Cinelab on Monday afternoon. It arrived Friday morning. Hopefully I should have it back by next Friday. I could have used FexEx both ways, and I'd probably have the film back on Monday. Would it have been worth the extra cost? I'm not sure. What's on the miniDV tape will make or break the project, but I suppose the part that's under my control has ended. I cut the intro sequence, using a combination of Super 8 color footage and some digitally composited effects shots. Total running time will probably be slightly over six minutes. I intend to follow a similar process to "Survival Record," locking picture and then adding sounds. Tomorrow I may try to record some ambient sounds which will find their way into the mix (after heavy processing).


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