"Epitaph," future ideas.

I finished "Silence" a few weeks ago. I feel like the finished film is relatively close to my original concept - although I'm not sure how much the audience will extract from it. A week or two ago, I shot a quick project on super 8, "Epitaph." The film should be back soon. More later.

The tentative plan for my next project is a B&W 16mm short about a man who half-willingly incorporates a machine into his own body. Think Cronenberg, Tetsuo, body horror, etc.. I saw Videodrome last night. Fantastic film. I really enjoyed the way Max Renn started to go off the deep end, killing people with the "hand" gun, etc. since he thought the situation was not "real." That's a very pure kind of fear - doing things that are wrong in a world which is supposedly without consequences, then discovering that it was in the real world after all.


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