Coming next year...

My first production of 2006 will be "The Discarded Body," a B&W horror short film shot partially or fully on 16mm. A scientist attempting to create a mechanical control system to augment the human body's capabilities is drastically altered when something goes wrong. The consequences are predictably gruesome. For this project, I'm taking inspiration from Cronenberg's "body horror" and films like "Tetsuo" as well as the classic French horror film "Les yeux sans visage" (Eyes Without a Face). A preliminary shooting time would be late January and early February, with post-production probably stretching until the beginning of March. The estimated running time is 10 minutes.

I still have to construct the main set, scout one or two locations (one of my usual filming spots is off-limits due to construction/road repair), and cast the lead actor. The costume is almost finished, and practical effects are coming along. I may mock up a publicity image featuring the costume, although I usually avoid those kind of things.


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