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Hauser, B.A., Sun, K., Oppenheimer, D.G., and Sage, T. (2005). Changes in mitochondrial membrane potential and accumulation of reactive oxygen species precede ultrastructural changes during ovule abortion. Planta (In Press). [Download pdf 0.6Mb]

Zhang, X., Grey, P.H., Krishnakumar, S., and Oppenheimer, D.G. (2005) The IRREGULAR TRICHOME BRANCH loci regulate trichome elongation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Physiol 46:1549-1560. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5Mb]

Zhang, X., Dyachok, J., Krishnakumar, S., Smith, L.G., and Oppenheimer, D.G. (2005) IRREGULAR TRICHOME BRANCH1 in Arabidopsis Encodes a Plant Homolog of the Actin-Related Protein2/3 Complex Activator Scar/WAVE That Regulates Actin and Microtubule Organization. Plant Cell 17:1-13. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5Mb] [view article online]

Albert, V.A., Soltis, D.E., Carlson, J.E., Farmerie, W.G., Wall, P.K., Ilut, D.C., Solow, T.M., Mueller, L.A., Landherr, L.L., Hu, Y., Buzgo, M., Kim, S., Yoo, M.J., Frohlich, M.W., Perl-Treves, R., Schlarbaum, S.E., Bliss, B.J., Zhang, X., Tanksley, S.D., Oppenheimer, D.G., Soltis, P.S., Ma, H., Depamphilis, C.W., and Leebens-Mack, J.H. (2005) Floral gene resources from basal angiosperms for comparative genomics research. BMC Plant Biol 5:5. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5Mb]

Kirik, V., Lee, M.M., Wester, K., Herrmann, U., Zheng, Z., Oppenheimer, D., Schiefelbein, J. and Hulskamp, M. (2005) Functional diversification of MYB23 and GL1 genes in trichome morphogenesis and initiation. Development 132:1477-1485. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5Mb]

Park, S.O., Zheng, Z., Oppenheimer, D.G. and Hauser, B.A. (2005) The PRETTY FEW SEEDS 2 gene encodes an Arabidopsis homeodomain protein that regulates ovule development. Development 132:841-849. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.8Mb]

Zhang, X. and Oppenheimer, D.G. (2004) A simple and efficient method for isolating trichomes for downstream analyses. Plant Cell Physiol 45: 221-4. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.25Mb]

Albert, V.A., Oppenheimer, D.G. and Lindqvist, C. (2002) Pleiotropy, redundancy and the evolution of flowers. Trends in Plant Science 7: 297-301. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.25Mb]

Folkers, U., Kirik, V., Schobinger, U., Falk, S., Krishnakumar, S., Pollock, M.A., Oppenheimer, D.G., Day, I., Reddy, A.S., Jurgens, G. and Hulskamp, M. (2002) The cell morphogenesis gene ANGUSTIFOLIA encodes a CtBP/BARS-like protein and is involved in the control of the microtubule cytoskeleton. EMBO J 21: 1280-8. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.44Mb]

Walker, J.D., Oppenheimer, D.G., Concienne, J. and Larkin, J.C. (2000) SIAMESE, a gene controlling the endoreduplication cell cycle in Arabidopsis thaliana trichomes. Development 127: 3931-40. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.33Mb]

Pollock, M.A. and Oppenheimer, D.G. (1999) Inexpensive alternative to M&S medium for selection of Arabidopsis plants in culture. Biotechniques 26: 254-7. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.1Mb]

Luo, D. and Oppenheimer, D.G. (1999) Genetic control of trichome branch number in Arabidopsis: the roles of the FURCA loci. Development 126: 5547-57. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5Mb]

Krishnakumar, S. and Oppenheimer, D.G. (1999) Extragenic suppressors of the Arabidopsis zwi-3 mutation identify new genes that function in trichome branch formation and pollen tube growth. Development 126: 3079-88. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.22Mb]

Oppenheimer, D.G., Pollock, M.A., Vacik, J., Szymanski, D.B., Ericson, B., Feldmann, K. and Marks, M.D. (1997) Essential role of a kinesin-like protein in Arabidopsis trichome morphogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 94: 6261-6. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.75Mb]

Marks, M.D., Oppenheimer, D.G., and Garon, E. (1996) Analysis of clonal sectors of altered epidermis on EMS treated Arabidopsis plants. Weeds World 2:1-5.

Esch, J.J., Oppenheimer, D.G. and Marks, M.D. (1994) Characterization of a weak allele of the GL1 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Molecular Biology 24: 203-207. [PubMed]

Larkin, J.C., Oppenheimer, D.G., Lloyd, A.M., Paparozzi, E.T. and Marks, M.D. (1994) Roles of the GLABROUS1 and TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA genes in Arabidopsis trichome development. Plant Cell 6: 1065-1076. [PubMed]

Larkin, J.C., Oppenheimer, D.G., Pollock, S. and Marks, M.D. (1993) The Arabidopsis GLABROUS1 Gene Requires Downstream Sequences for Function. Plant Cell 5: 1739-1748. [PubMed] [Download pdf 1.6Mb]

Oppenheimer, D.G., Herman, P.L., Sivakumaran, S., Esch, J. and Marks, M.D. (1991) A myb gene required for leaf trichome differentiation in Arabidopsis is expressed in stipules. Cell 67: 483-493. [PubMed]

Oppenheimer, D.G., Haas, N., Silflow, C.D. and Snustad, D.P. (1988) The beta-tubulin gene family of Arabidopsis thaliana: preferential accumulation of the beta1 transcript in roots. Gene 63: 87-102. [PubMed]

Ludwig, S.R., Oppenheimer, D.G., Silflow, C.D. and Snustad, D.P. (1988) The alpha 1-tubulin gene of Arabidopsis thaliana: primary structure and preferential expression in flowers. Plant Molecular Biology 10: 311-321. [PubMed]

Ludwig, S.R., Oppenheimer, D.G., Silflow, C.D. and Snustad, D.P. (1987) Characterization of the alpha-tubulin gene family of Arabidopsis thaliana. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 84: 5833-7. [PubMed] [Download pdf 1.2Mb]


Smith, L.G. and Oppenheimer, D.G. (2005) Spatial control of cell expansion by the plant cytoskeleton. Ann Rev Cell and Devel Biol 21: 271-295. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.5 Mb]

Soltis, D.E., Soltis, P.S., Albert, V.A., Oppenheimer, D.G., dePamphilis, C.W., Ma, H., Frohlich, M.W. and Theissen, G. (2002) Missing links: the genetic architecture of flowers and floral diversification. Trends in Plant Science 7: 22-31; discussion 31-34. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.23 Mb]

Oppenheimer, D.G. (1998) Genetics of plant cell shape. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 1: 520-524. [PubMed] [Download pdf 0.36 Mb]

Larkin, J.C., Oppenheimer, D.G. and Marks, M.D. (1994) The GL1 Gene and the Trichome Developmental Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana. In Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation 20: 259-275. [PubMed]

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