It's been a few days since the last update. The situation with the Canon camera is close to resolved, and I have a superior Canon 518 on its way - 5x zoom with a 1.6x teleconverter, for a total of 8x. This is the same as my Bolex, but the Canon offers a smaller form factor and will maybe make less noise for shooting sync sound - I should know in a few days.

The 2 prop orders should arrive tomorrow.

I have 4 finals in the next few days, but the script is moving along. I created a fairly detailed story outline, and now I'm working back through it and writing a detailed shooting script. Since there's no dialogue in this project, formatting it as a standard script is kind of useless. Instead, I'm making a detailed transcript of each shot and my thoughts on the project. Like the process for "Taco," this should give me a reasonably accurate estimate of how much film to budget for the project, what the shooting ratio needs to be, and also how long the finished project will turn out. It looks like it will be approximately 15-17 minutes as I had originally estimated.

I've basically decided to shoot solely on S8. After thinking about it for a few days, I don't want to 'let down' a project and story that I've invested a lot of time and effort into by using miniDV. S8 will make for a much more textured film - important, since the script contains no dialogue and is very tone-dependent.

In a week or two I'll wrap shooting for "Taco." Wal-Mart's processing took slightly under two weeks last time, so expect to see that project finished in a month.

Here's a link to a rough edit of the first part (download and use QT to play):

Taco rough cut, part 1

I'm nearly at the stage where I will start casting for the SF script, which I've given the working title "Survival Record." Nothing final yet, but at this stage there are five major roles (you would be needed for anywhere from 3 to 5 shooting days) and 5-7 parts for extras (you would be required for one shooting day).

If you're in Gainesville over the summer (specifically May or July) and are willing to stay on board with this project until completion, please e-mail me or post on the comments section here and I'll get back to you with more information as it is made available.


Anonymous said...

Im going to be in Gainesville for the summer and am extremely interested in working on this project. I've been keeping up to date with your postings. I recently watched War Crimes, and enjoyed it very much. Email me when you get a chance. dmbgator@ufl.edu

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