Update continued.

The Canon 318 arrived today. I was hoping this would be a small, lightweight alternative to the fairly heavy and large Bolex. It's definitely small and compact, and the build quality is good. However, the auto exposure meter appears to be broken, refusing to respond even with fresh batteries. The CdS photoreceptors sometimes go bad in these cameras, and it's not a simple or cheap fix. I've contacted the seller to resolve the issue. I can't anticipate using the camera in the present condition.

I called the processing facility. My film is expected to come back April 26th. Hopefully it'll be a few days earlier, but if not, no big deal. After finals my first project will be to transfer the film to miniDV, import it to my computer, and start editing "Taco".

I've come up with a few ideas for the SF project; originally it was going to be shot fairly conventionally, but the device I want to incorporate is a film camera found and used by one of the survivors; it would lend a kind of photojournalistic feel to the story, as well as enabling me to avoid shooting the entire thing on Super 8. I guess the explanation would be that electronic devices no longer function properly, so mechanical cameras are the only remaining form of image capture. I wonder how processing would work...

It's probably better not to derail the idea with specifics at this point.


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