I've decided to make this website to keep a record of my filmmaking activities. I've been producing short films for about a year, generally shot on miniDV. My productions are based in Gainesville, Florida. I generally have virtually no budget, but strive for high production values nonetheless. At the root level of my website (http://plaza.ufl.edu/ekubota/) you will find my latest project, "War Crimes". It's an MPEG-4 file that requires Quicktime to play.

My next project is a short with the working title "Taco". I recently acquired 2 Super 8 cameras courtesy of eBay for less than $30 each. Film is approximately $9 per cartridge and $5 for developing. Each cartridge gives 3m20s running time at 18 fps. The project is actually a mixture of film and video - I want to exploit the visual characteristics and style traditionally associated with each medium. I shot parts of the first sequence yesterday with my Bolex 280 Macrozoom, on Kodachrome 40 color reversal film. In two or three weeks (after finals), I'll finish the shooting. Processing time is generally 1-2 weeks on the Super 8 film, so it'll be at least a month or two before this project is finished. Running time will be approximately 3 minutes.

In the pre-production phase is a realistic SF narrative short. No title at this point, but the basic plot centers around a group of people after nuclear strikes have rendered major cities uninhabitable. The infrastructure has mostly collapsed, and Americans are forced to move into rural areas to survive. I want to achieve a kind of stylistic synthesis of Tarkovsky's "Stalker" and the Philip K. Dick story "Second Variety." Effects will be limited, but I do have some realistic props, such as MP5K replicas, a Thompson replica, several pistols (1911s, a USP, Glocks, Colt revolvers). If you want to get involved in this project, send me an e-mail. Production will probably begin this summer. This will be my most ambitious project yet - probably a 16-17 minute running time, hopefully shot on Super 8. I'm looking for actors and crew members, but no specifics yet.