I'm still waiting on the Canon 318 Super 8 camera I bought on eBay. It's been approximately a week and a half; the seller claims it shipped last week, but if it doesn't arrive within 3 days I'll give negative feedback. I can't stand slow shipments.

The first reel for "Taco" is currently en route to Kansas, where it will be processed. I expect to have it back within 2 weeks at most. I still need to clean the projector thoroughly before I run any film in it.

Finals are coming up, and I have several papers to write as classes wind down. Expect relatively infrequent updates for the next few weeks. After school is finished I'll finish shooting "Taco" and work on the script for the SF project.

Here's a link to the root level of my site, where you can download "War Crimes," my most recent short. Save the file "War Crimes.mp4" to your disk; a recent version of Quicktime is required.

War Crimes


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