The Acro Sport Resource Page
Resource guide for Acrosport Biplanes

This  page is dedicated to providing resources and inspiration to builders of the Acrosport Biplane, as well as an introduction to others who may have an interest in the plane.  In addition to the information provided in these pages, there is an Acrosport Builder's Forum that provides a rapid exchange of ideas and information in a list-server/e-mail format.  Anyone interested in participating in the builder's forum may contact me directly at :

Areas to Explore:

Acro Sport Gallery - Photos of Acro Sport from around the world
                                                                    (updates 5/26/00)
My Airplane Factory - Chronicles of the construction and up to
                    date progress being made on my Acro II. (updates 5/26/00)
Acro Sport Details - Pictures that illustrate a variety of details on
                    Acro Sports that may be useful to builders in figuring out something goes together,
                    or finding a better way (updates (5/26/00).
Suppliers of Acro Sport components
Database of Completed Acro Sports
Other Acro Sport related links (updates 5/26/00)
Specifications for the Acro Sport

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