Acrosport Details

The following pictures illustrate a variety of details on Acrosports that may be useful to builders in figuring out something goes together, or finding a better way.

At the EAA Museum in Oshkosh - there are several interesting Acrosports.  There is one with portions of the skin cut away to show how its it put together.  If only this were just down the street so I could go take a peek when I had questions!

Some of the internal wing structure 

Over at Pioneer Airport (across from the museum) the shop has what looks to be an acrosport fuselage sitting up high.

And N5AC is undergoing restoration: 

Some Details on Acrosport  N6N

The Canopy is removable for open cockpit flying!


Details on N45KS 
If you'd like pictures of your Acrosport added to the collection, or have some other Acrosport info that would be useful to Acrosport builders please contact me;