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The objectives of the International Karen Horney Society have been to put people interested in Horney in touch with each other, to keep members informed of developments in Horney theory and Horney studies, and to call Horney's contribution to the attention of those who may not be familiar with it.  more »

Essays & Excerpts

Renate Horney,   Lazarus What's Next
Jerome Wagner,  "Karen Horney Meets the Enneagram"
Robert Tucker,     "A Stalin Biographer's Memoir"
Marcia Westkott, "Female Relationality and the Idealized Self"
Bernard Paris,     "Karen Horney's Vision of the Self"
Bernard Paris,     "Interdisciplinary Applications of Horney"

Karen Horney

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NEW! Extensions of Horneyan Theory

NEW! Translations of Horney's Books

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