Tristan was a PostDoc in the Angelini lab, studying the formation of mucin layers on human corneal cells. Tristan was last seen taking a PostDoc position at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.





    Oral Presentation

    • Structure and Dynamics of Mucin Networks
      Tribology and Lubrication Engineering Society, May 2018
    • Structural Evolution and Spatial Heterogeneities in Mucin Layers
      American Physical Society, Mar 2018
    • Characterizing Membrane Dynamics at a Biological Interface
      Tribology and Lubrication Engineering Society, May 2017
    • Mucin Production Dynamics at the Surface of Corneal Epithelial Cells
      American Physical Society, Mar 2017
    • Two-Point Microrheology of Lipid Bilayers
      Biophysical Society Meeting, 2016
    • Two-Point Microrheology of Phase Separated Domains in Lipid Bilayers
      American Physical Society, Mar 2015
    • Measuring Lipid Bilayer Viscosity Using Rotational and Translational Probe
      American Physical Society, Mar 2014
    • Measuring Membrane Viscosity with Rotational Tracer Diffusion
      Materials Science Institue Conference - University of Oregon, 2013


    • Structure and Dynamics of Mucin Hydrogels
      UF Soft Matter Symposium; Oct 2017


  • Thesis Award - University of Oregon (2015)
  • GK-12 Fellowship - National Science Foundation (2012-2013)
  • HHMI Teaching Fellow (2011)
  • Commendation for Excellence in Scholarship - Reed College (2009)