Free correlation function code in MATLAB

June 8, 2015Posted by Tommy


We compute correlation functions all the time in our analysis. Sometimes we look for spatial correlations, sometimes we look for temporal correlations, and sometimes we look for spatio-temporal correlations. We've written some handy code that can take arrays of data (1,2 or 3 dimesions) and compute correlation functions along any number of the dimensions. Sample data and calling function are provided. Be careful... we use Fourier methods to avoid loops, so the code is fast but will eat up memory equally fast if your array is too big. You can find the code in the zipped folder here.

Lab Member wins HHMI CASE competition!

Feb 3, 2012Posted by Tommy


Lab member Abigail De La Pena won 1st place in the Creativity in Art and Science Event (CASE) on January 22nd, 2012. The event is put on by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute / Science for Life Program. Abby and her colleague Jarrod Tresday took first place in the collaboration category, in which artists and scientists work together to communicate scientific results creatively. They created a multi-media presentation that included a movie of Abby's data, a life-sized levitating 3D model of her experiment, and a poster describing her results. The poster can be downloaded here.

  • Scientific Artwork

    January 12, 2012Posted by Escher


    To explore collective cell migration on periodic surfaces we compute a spatial cross-correlation function between the substrate lattice points and the vorticity of the migration velocity field. A cross-correlation function is computed for each step in our time-lapse dataset, and the time-averaged properties of the cross-correlation function are studied. To compare the overall magnitude of fluctuations to their mean values in time, we calculate the ratio of the root-mean-square to the root-square-mean of the lattice-vorticity cross-correlation function. This calculation produces the striking results shown below.


    More to come...

    September 10, 2009Posted by Someone


    It'll be good stuff. We promse!