Chris O'Bryan

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  • phone: (772)-321-9102
  • office: 122 MAE-C



    Christopher S. O’Bryan is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida. He received his BS degree in aerospace engineering in 2012 and his MS in mechanical engineering in 2017, both from the University of Florida. Chris is currently working with Tommy to develop new organic and aqueous microgels, and demonstrate their application as a support material for soft matter 3D printing. In 2017, he received the Student Research Award from the University of Florida for his work in developing a new micro-organogel that enables the 3D printing of silicone structures. His recent work has been focused on designing new aqueous-based microgels and characterizing their performance as a support material 3D bioprinting and cell culturing. Chris’s research continues to focus around polymer physics and the behavior of cells in a 3D micro-environment.





    Oral Presentation

    • Polyelectrolyte-Multivalent Ion Interactions in Jammed Granular Microgels
      American Physical Society; Mar 2018
    • The Effects of Multivalent Ions on Microgel Rheology
      UF Soft Matter Applied Research and Technologies Symposium; Jan 2018
    • Role of Multivalent Ion-Polyelectrolyte Interactions on Microgel Rheology
      Society of Rheology; Oct 2017
    • Viability of Corneal Epithelial Cells at the Air-Gel Interface
      Tribology and Lubrication Engineering Society; May 2017
    • Immiscibility Driven Instabilities in Soft Matter 3D Printing
      Society of Experimental Mechanics; Apr 2017
    • Cells on Gels: Cell behavior at the Air-Gel Interface
      American Physical Society; Mar 2017
    • Silicone 3D Printing in Micro-Organogels
      UF Soft Matter Applied Research and Technologies Symposium; Jan 2017
    • Tribology in 3D Printing with Liquid-Like Solids and Complex Fluids
      Tribology and Lubrication Engineering Society; May 2016
    • The Sheet Trapped in a Plumber's Nightmare
      American Physical Society; Mar 2016

    Invited Talks

    • Structuring Fluids in 3D Space with Soft Matter 3D Printing
      Institute for Learning in Retirement, Gainesville, FL ; July 2018


    • Multivalent Ion - Polyelectrolyte Interactions in Jammed Granular Microgels
      UF Soft Matter Symposium; Oct 2017
    • Jammed Micro-Organogels for 3D Printing with Oily Soft Matter
      Society of Rheology; Feb 2017
    • Self-Assembled Micro-Organogels for Silicone 3D Printing
      UF Soft Matter Symposium; Oct 2016


  • MAE Graduate Student Research Award - University of Florida (2017)


  • Multidisciplinary Research Exerpeinces for Teachers (MRET) Mentor (2018)
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Mentor (2017)
  • Student Science Training Program (SSTP) Mentor (2016, 2017)