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Here's what we're all about...Research page updated 1/21/15


We study many soft condensed matter systems in our lab, both living and inanimate, covering a broad range of lengthscales, from the sub-nanometer scale, through the microscopic scale, up to the macroscopic scale. We study living cells, the materials cells are made of, the materials that cells make, as well as the materials that constitute the environment around cells. At the smallest scale, we use x-rays to study biomolecular self assembly. At the intermediate scale, we use microscopy and light scattering to study collective cell behavior. At the largest scale, we use time-lapse photography to study the dynamics of things you'd never imagine are in motion. We study both tissue cells and bacteria, as well as a few select larger organsisms.

We really enjoy having visitors, especially those who can teach us new and exciting science. So, please stop by our lab or send us an email if you like what you see here.