Michelle's Guide To Tie-Dye


spiral spiral spiral
  • Lay the shirt out on a flat surface (damp shirts are easier to work with)
  • Pinch the center(or wherever you wish the bullseye to begin) and lift the shirt up
  • Tie a rubber band about an inch below where you have pinched the fabric
  • Tie another an inch below, and keep repeating until you are at the end
  • Or you can vary lengths between rubber bands depending on the type of design you desire
  • Soak in the soda ash solution for 20 minutes and wring out excess


dyeOnce you have created the sections with the rubber bands, the dyeing process is easy.

  • Simply, put a different color dye in each of the sections
  • Flip the fabric over and do the same on the other side.
  • You do not want to dye pooling out of the shirt, so make sure not to oversaturate the shirt
  • Let the shirt dry outside for 24 hours

Proceed to finialtouches tab to see the washing process and final product

Or watch my you tube video tutorial