The History of Polarity Therapy

PolarityDr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), who conducted a comprehensive investigation of energy in healing arts for 60 years in his medical career, was father of Polarity Therapy (American Polarity Therapy Association2). He created his own style based on the collected information of theories and techniques from both ancient and modern, western and estern therapies, including Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, osteopathy, and chiropractic (Eppel).

In 1947, he published his first book, Energy, exploring his idea that "the polarized field of attraction and repulsion" was the underlying foundation of all physical phenomena including health (American Polarity Therapy Association3). Later he completed seven books and pamphlets, further illustrating the energy in human body and providing detailed applications (American Polarity Therapy Association3). In the mid-1950s, he offered free lectures and wrote magazine articles about Polarity Therapy in an effort to promote his idea to the medical community (American Polarity Therapy Association3). However, it was not until 1960s that his Polarity Therapy gained popularity among the public (American Polarity Therapy Association3).

Today Polarity Therapy has been taught all over the world (Wehrli). The American Polarity Therapy Association serves as "a forum for the exchange and dissemination of new understanding" of Polarity and was founded in 1984 to set standards for practice, and accredited schools (Wehrli).

What Is Polarity Therapy?

PolarityPolarity Therapy, based on belief that "the flow and balance of energy in human body is the foundation of good health", is "a natural health care system that works with the Human Energy Field" (American Polarity Therapy Association). The central concept of Polarity Therapy is that life energy creates electromagnetic energy "fields and energetic lines of force" "in constant pulsation from positive to negative poles via a neutral position" (Wilson). The human body has three types of energy fields including long-line currents which "run north to south" in the body, transverse currents which "run east-west" in the body, and spiral currents which "start at the navel and expand outward" in the body (American Polarity Therapy Association2).

"The Five Elements" are also a crucial concept originating from Indian ancient Vedic philosophy and related to energy approach in Polarity (Wehrli). The five elements include ether, air, fire, water and earth. Energy moves from the source into physical form by following "a step down process from the subtle to the denser forms of the manifested Universe" (Wehrli). In our body, energy expresses itself through the density of the five elements (Wehrli) and only a balance of the five elements can maintain a healthy body. (more about "The Five Elements")

Maura Brady, who teaches Polarity Therapy for many years at Florida School of Massage, talks about what Polarity Therapy is:

Health Benefits

PolarityPolarity Therapy intends to find the blockages in our body, release energy to flow normally, keep the Energy Field open and flexible, and to ultimately benefit "full spectrum of body, mind and spirit" (American Polarity Therapy Association2).

Specifically, it relieves tension, promotes relaxation, improves ome's range of motion, increases energy, and reduces inflammation, swelling and pain" (American Cancer Society). Polarity Therapy is also effective for supporting and healing the nervous system, especially for post-traumamatic symptoms (American Polarity Therapy Association). Additionally, it can provide a means to stimulate self-regulation (American Polarity Therapy Association), enhance immunity, improve the functions of internal organs and boost the circulation of blood in the body (Columbus Polarity Center).