Pesonal Hygiene

personal hygienePersonal hygiene is another crucial aspect that cannot be ignored if one is to be a professional massage therapist (Arizona Western College). During the massage session, therapists are in such a close proximity to their clients that their breath, appearance such as hair or body smell can leave an impression on the clients (Arizona Western College). A good personal hygiene leaves a good impression (Arizona Western College) and creates a benign environment for the massage session.

It is recommended that therapists wear deodorant during the session and it should be reapplied if necessary (The Institute for Advanced Therapeutics, 2005). Therapists should not wear perfume during the session in case that cilents may be allergic or dislike the fragrance (The Institute for Advanced Therapeutics, 2005).

Hand washing and other sanitary practices around personal practices should always be maintained (The Mindful Body). Facilities for the massage session, for example, sheets, should always be cleaned or sterilized (The Mindful Body). If coughing or sneezing happens during a session, therapist should use sanitary wipes or antibacterial lotion on any surface that may be affected by the coughing and sneezing (The Mindful Body).

These are the hygiene tools that are highly recommended by therapists from Florida School of Massage to be carried with you all the time: deodorant, breath refresher, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clipper, and nail file.

"Good personal hygiene, cleanliness, and the use of deodorant as necessary" are conducive elements to "establish professionalism" (The Institute for Advanced Therapeutics, 2005).