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Rule of Thirds
When taking a picture, make sure that your main subject is off center. This will make for a more interesting photograph. To use the rule of thirds simply split your desired image into thirds (vertically and horizontally). The intersections on these imaginary lines are the best place to put the subject in your picture. Using the rule of thirds provides a more interesting looking image.

Shooting Time
The best time of day for taking pictures is right after sunrise and right before sunset. This allows you to avoid the harshness of the midday sun.

File Format
The two main file formats for web graphics are GIF and JPEG. GIFs are not very good for photographs because they produce much larger files than necessary. They work best for line drawings, special text, and images with limited numbers of colors. The JPEG format is designed specifically for photographs. The files are compressed to be a fraction of the size of other file formats.

File Size
Keeping your photographs as small as possible will make your website faster to download and will give your viewers a better overall experience. Generally, it is a good idea to keep images under 30 K, and your entire page under 60K. Thumbnails can help you to get around problems with file size.

Thumbnails give the viewer control over your page. For the best presentation possible make sure that your thumbnails are easy to navigate through. It is also helpful (and less boring) to provide a non-linear format, this way viewers can see the pictures in any order they want.

Another tip to keep in mind when using thumbnails is don’t simply shrink your image and include it as a thumbnail. Use a small interesting part of the picture as the thumbnail, that way the viewer feels like he hasn’t already seen the whole thing.

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