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Forms are a great way to get feedback from people who visit your site. Another great attribute is that they are easy to create.

Hosting Service
A simple way to get your form to work without dealing with complicated CGI scripts is to turn to a form hosting service such as Response-o-Matic. The companies can create the form for you, give you the CGI scripts that process the forms, and get the results to you via email. The only downside to using a service is that in exchange you may have to include ads somewhere on your site/form.

Text Boxes
Text boxes contain one line of text, usually used for names, addresses and other information users can type in.

Text Area Fields
A text area field allows users to type in more than text boxes. Typically they are used for comments or other responses that require more text.

Radio Buttons
Radio buttons work the same way as old car radios where you can push only one button at a time. These are normally used for yes/no questions or other kinds that require one answer.

Check Boxes
Check boxes allow users to select more than one answer. These are useful for questions where you want users to select all of the choices that apply.

Menus offer visitors a selected range of answers to choose from. This is useful for questions about age and income, where you want a specific type/range of answer from the user.

Submit Button
The submit buttons sends the survey.

Reset Button
The reset button clears the form allowing the user to start the survey from the beginning.

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