Web site navigation must be easy to use and understand, otherwise people will not return to your site. Therefore, keeping clean and simple navigation is extremely important.

Users of your site should always know where they are. If they have to guess, or are at all confused or frustrated, they most likely won't stay around for long. Users should also be able to find out how to get to other parts of your site from where they are.

Persistent navigation
When the navigation elements of your site appear on all of your pages you have created persistent navigation. There are five elements that should be included in persistent navigation: site id, sections, utilities, search options, and a way back home.

Site Id/Logo
Your site id or logo should show up on every page, reminding users that they are still on your site and haven't wandered off.

Also known as primary navigation, the sections link to the different parts of your site.

Utilities are used to help visitors with the site or to provide information such as contact or biographical information.

Using a search box or a link to a search page is extremely useful and important to help users who prefer searching to browsing. Search options may be unnecessary however, if your site is small and well organized.

One of the most important parts of persistent navigation is a way to get back to the home page. Whether you use the site id as a link back home or some other button/link, make sure it is always visible, reassuring users that they can always find their way back to where they began.