Quick update.

Just a brief update before I watch a great Polish film ("The Debt," 1999). The Nikon R10 Super came today by FedEx, after they nearly lost the package yesterday. It appears to be in great shape. This will be the A camera for the shoot. The B camera will probably be the Nizo S560, which should arrive in less than 2 weeks from Germany. The second reel of "Taco" is also on its way; hopefully by the end of next week.

My immediate concerns are refining and improving the script for "Survival Record," editing "Taco," and composing music. I've made about 15 minutes worth of ambient music for "Survival Record." Obviously not all of this will be used in the final cut. I've been considering the amount of music used in films - Hollywood productions tend to have music for much of the running length - approximately half of the film, maybe. European films use it much more sparingly - a soundtrack I have for a 100 minute film contains slightly over 30 minutes of music, and not all of this was used in the film. Achieving the maximum impact from the least (music/running time/editing/plot) is the guiding principle for this project. Restraint is difficult to maintain, but I'm preparing to eliminate at least half of the music I've composed so far.


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