1. A song to memorize the imperfect
  2. These are the "planillas" for  our Intermediate level.
  3. Due dates of our resposibilities
  4. Assigments for tests we are preparing this semster
  5. This is a matching  reiew game for the first two chapters of Conexiones: Concéntrate para ganar!
  6. Do you teach SPN 1131 with Puntos de Partida as the textbook? Do you want to play  and evaluate you students in an awsome way?  Well, here you find a JEOPARDY game, just to have fun and see how well they are doing. This material was taken from the Instructor's Manual and Source Kit to Accompany Puntos de Partida, as well as the next Jeopardy game.
  7. Do yoy want to play JEOPARDY with your SPN 1131 class. Here you'll find a game based on Puntos de Partida chaper 9, I just made some minor modifications. Have fun!
  8. Paricipation grade is sometimes a difficult task for us, instructors. That is the reason I wanted to post this useful source Student's Performance Report. Hope it helps!
  9. Los Mandatos Informales is a Power Point presentation to introduce this topic.
  10. Concéntrate para que no se te olvide, is a matching game, in a Power point presentation, where the students can practice professions and jobs.
  11. Travesía en la red/ WEBQUEST. With this tool, your students wil surf in the web looking for information to prepare a cultural project on the Barranquilla's most important celebration: El Carnaval.
  12. ¡Pronto podrás ver esta otra herramienta para trabajar cultura y los pronombres de objetos directos! Es una película en red y a la vez podrás ver la descripción del proyecto.
  13. Chateando. CMC TASK. It's four- time chat activity where your first year students meet "talk"  in Spanish.
  14. This is an excellent link to bring info about el to MUNDO LATINO your students.
    • This song can help you when using simple questions: ¿Y cómo es él? (José Luis Perales)
    • Ojalá (Silvio Rodríguez) might help when teaching subjunctive.
    • Preterit and imperfect are part of the story of this little boat: "Erase una vez era" (Alberto Cortez).
    • Carlos Ponce sings Busco a una mujer que me quiera, the lyrics of this song are useful too.       Subjunctive after non existing and indefinite antecedents are the implied grammar topics.
    • Give your students this little poem (traditional song in Spain), when teaching months of the year, It's a nice idea!

Find backgrounds like this at. http://www.grsites.com/textures/

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