Research papers and projects that I have completed over the years


  • Researched artifact history and details for museum exhibit in Lowe Art Museum, at the University of Miami.  Some were published in the book Visions of Empire:  Picturing the Conquest in Colonial Mexico.

  • Performed a research assistantship for Professor Halberstein, at the University of Miami in the Spring of 2003, focusing on medical anthropology..

  • This paper traces the importance of the jaguar as a symbol through out all of the ancient central American civilizations

  • At the University of Miami, I participated in a preliminary testing excavation at the ground level of Little Salt Spring, one of the oldest archaeological sites in the state of Florida

  • When I was at Florida State University, I participated in a 4 month excavation at San Pedro y San Pablo de Patalé site, outside of Tallahassee.  

  • Web page I setup based on recent research pertaining to Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


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