• I graduated from Miami Southridge Senior High school in 1989.  
      Go Spartans!!! 

    • While there I was active in the Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society) and Thespians (Drama Honors Society).  

    • I am also one of the people that is active on the class reunion committee.  Click here if you would like to see pictures from the 10-year class reunion. It was awesome! Also if you would like to be notified and kept in touch with, please visit my class reunion Web site.  

    Miami Southridge Senior High School

    • After graduation from Southridge, I attended and got an AA, in history, from Miami-Dade College, in 1992.  Originally, I started out specializing in education for the deaf.  Therefore, even after changing my major to anthropology and history, I continued studying American Sign Language (ASL), since I was already involved with the deaf community.

    • Several professors from Miami-Dade really inspired me.  That is also where I discovered my true dream - to do research in archaeology and history. Listed below are the professors that have made a major difference in my life and future decisions:

    Miami-Dade Community College Building 6

    MDC Building 6, where both the anthropology and history department were located

    Professor Cubbison has been a major inspiration for me and as a result had a major effect on my academic and career and decisions.  

    Professor Mary Paige Cubbison
    Professor of History 

    Miami-Dade Kendall Campus


    Paige Cubbison

    Other professors from MDC who set great examples for me:

    Dr. Dennis Shaw Professor of anthropology
    Dr. Charles Cox Professor of history

    • I attended Florida State University (1992-1993), where I was double-majoring in anthropology and history. I had a great experience. However for health reasons, I had to drop out with a handful of credits left.  
    • While there, I learned Mayan hieroglyphics and did a field school at San Pedro y San Pablo de Patalé


    • I completed my BA in anthropology with a minor in history, at the University of Miami (1999-2002).  
      • Completed a museum internship program.  As a result of it, some of my research was published in Visions of Empire:  Picturing the Conquest in Colonial Mexico.
      • Performed excavations at Little Salt Spring - one of the oldest archaeological sites in Florida
    • While there I also gained a lot of work experience, specializing in database administration and Web maintenance. 

    • Presently, I am working on a joint MA & Ph.D. program at the University of Florida in anthropology, specializing in Mesoamerican archaeology.  I am also doing it as an interdisciplinary program with a minor in distance education.  

    • There are several reasons behind me doing a minor/interdisciplinary program with distance education.  One reason is that I am quite computer savvy and want to be able to apply it in a practical way with archaeology.  The other and main reason is because there are a handful if any distance education programs available online in anthropology.  I have only found 1 in the US, which is not from a regular accredited  university, but a "virtual university".