I like witty humor.  Here are some of my favorite listings:

  • Its So Hard to Understand English - I personally agree with this very much, considering English is my second language, and I had a very hard time reaching the fluency that I now have.

  • Computer-geek humor:  

    • Toughest Decision - I am sure the computer geeks will agree with me on this one and truly appreciate it.

    • Help Desk Experience - a true story of a technical support nightmare.  Having had 10 years in technical support, I can personally vouch for the stupidity of absurdity of some of the questions you get.  

    • Ballad of the Y2K - sung to the theme from Gilligan's Island

  • Excerpts From a Dog's & Cat's Diary:  for all you pet lovers out there. 

  • Some cute cartoons I found online

  • Bush Ethics - Considering the recently painful and embarrassing election results, people need to remember the ethics of our current president.  Therefore here is a humorous but unfortunately appropriate representation of the republican party candidate, George W. Bush, and his ethics in foreign policy.