Past Work Experience

I have had a broad background in computer work in the past 10 years.  The following are some of the places I have worked for, along with the skills I acquired.

  • University of Florida 
    Teaching Assistant for the department of Anthropology.  Assisted in courses in Maya & Aztec Archaeology and Intro to World Archaeology.  Taught 3 sections of World Archaeology Lab. 

  • University of Miami
    At the university, I worked in several different departments.  In most cases I was in charge of database setup, support, and maintenance.  This included export and publication of a departmental catalog,  using MS Access and MS Word 97. 

    I was also in charge of Web site setup/maintenance (webmaster) using MS FrontPage and HTML editing for the CITI site.  I had to utilize complex formulas in Excel and be the database administrator using MS Access.  I provided technical assistance nationwide, due to participation of approximately 300 institutions from all around the country. 

  • Deneba Systems, Inc.
    I assisted customers, with any problems that they experienced via phone, email, and fax, on an international level. The support included, but was not limited to: technical assistance and customer service. We supported the following operating systems: Mac OS 6-8.6, Win 3.x, Win95, and Win98. I also performed testing and reported bugs. This included testing bug reports that were written up by the rest of the customer support representatives before submitting them to the Quality Assurance department. I also participated in beta-testing several of the applications prior to release on both Mac and Windows platforms. I also trained and supervised data entry personnel. My main specialties were Canvas and DenebaCAD.

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